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Important tips when installing your gearbox back into your vehicle.

When replacing your gearbox:

Tip 1 :
Check for two locating dowels between bell housing and engine block. If one is missing this can cause damage to the gearbox or the clutch kit.

Tip 2:
Fit a good quality new clutch kit and change the concentric slave cylinder. Its normally worth while to change the clutch kit if your gearbox is being repaired or replaced. Down the road you can save on extra labour charges if the clutch goes at a later date.

Tip 3:
Check condition of dual mass flywheel. If in doubt replace it. They can be expensive but if it fails at a later date it could cause damage to the gearbox.

Tip 4:
If changing only the clutch kit the Flywheel or Dual mass flywheel surface must be machined or deglazed before installing a new clutch kit. Many people do not carry out this important procedure which ensures a perfect end result when the job is complete.

Tip 5:
Use the correct grade of oil. If possible use a better grade than specified.

Tip 6 :
Check oil level after test drive. The level normally drops slightly .


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